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I was thinking about this last night, the evolution problem - whether the only effective strategy would be to synthetically reintroduce tribal-era scarcity so we could all find our balance again, or would moving to a genuine post-scarcity world be something humankind could handle, or do we need to find some way to hack our minds to accept this new availability model in the same way that alcohol or cocaine short-circuit our reward pathways?

w.r.t. OP, should lines of code be restricted to manageable amounts by some kind of international regulatory fiat, or can they just abstract the problem away into utterly comprehensive libraries of functions, or do coders just need to man up and take it?

I think maybe we just need to grow into it. This takes time, and probably generations. The first generation that has truly never been without a globally interconnected computer as part of their life is about to come of age. Lets see what they can do.

There was a time when there were no humans who knew how to drive a car.

Yeah and at that time say there were dudes running around on the rigging of big 4-mast galleons like it was no big deal, and if you dropped one of them on a busy road they would be as horrified as I would be if someone dropped me in their place and told me to splice the mainbrace or whatever...

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