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No other industry has the features you seem to want. You can't just put any tires on your car and have it just work. You can't just throw any gas in it.

As for printers, PS was proposed as a standard so that printers "just worked". It cost money to license, not every jumped on board, and so it didn't establish itself as the dominant brand. PDF is based on PS and people could certainly standardize around it. The problems are the same as with PS, however.

Your screenshot example. I assure you that you are not the first person to think of this feature. Apple does distribute Photo Booth with OS X after all. Is your complain then that they didn't cater to an the incredible minority with a command line tool to do this? I don't see this as a reasonable complaint. It's certainly not something to hit yourself over the head with.

None of this has anything to do with computers nor state-of-the art. Your complaints seem to be that society is not catering to your specific needs quite enough. Or that people are not working together quite enough. While I agree with you on the later point, it's not worth getting so worked up over. It's always been this way and likely always will.

It cost money to license

Also the only decent-performance chips doing it were from Adobe, and they weren't cheap. At the time, this would have pretty much cut the low-end printer market to the ground. The high-end printer market, of course, pretty much all did PostScript if you asked them to.

I don't think he's complaining that there is no CLI utility by default, but rather that he can't write one other than by going through Quicktime, because instead of a widely accessible (e.g. HTTP) server, it has some proprietary driver.

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