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People are going to look back at this as the 'golden age' of the web. Yes, things are a little screwy all over the place, but you can do ANYTHING you want now. NONE of the perfect software has been written. It's all waiting for improvement. You can do anything you want and profit from it.

And people just complain that life isn't easy enough. Psh.

My take-away was not about the lack of ease, but the lack of elegance. That we have foregone Truth for the fast buck.

That was what I thought he was aiming for to but then he, out of nowhere, suddenly praised PHP. I'm 99% sure that I don't have to check out PHP again to see if it's really something about it that I've missed.

Yes, the PHP "language" sucks. But that isn't what matters: From a practical standpoint, it's good for getting things done.

The reason? Almost zero deployment complexity. You can take Joe Web Designer off the street, give him SFTP (or, more likely, FTP) credentials, and have him modifying your site in minutes.

Modify a file, click refresh.

Ha, good point.

I love PHP, but I'm in programming like a shade-tree mechanic: I just want a large enough hammer to make something work, I don't care how pretty the end result is.

This rant is just the technological way of saying 'damn kids, get off my lawn!'.

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