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leon_ 934 days ago | link | parent

Too hard or not - it's a critical feature. They can lure me with the most advanced APIs and super low fees. If they can't treat international customers (on the consumer side at least) like domestic ones then it's a deal breaker.

There are enough alternatives that have support for things like the Euro. They maybe don't have a fancy API but they work well enough and I can accept credit card payments from Uzbekistan in their local currency.

Then there's the part where they only accept US developers. While I can understand that again there's enough alternatives (FastSpring for example) who don't mistrust me because I'm living in the EU and will do payment processing for me.

I understand they wanted to launch ASAP with a MVP but maybe they cut down the wrong features. For me they are now another lazy payment processor who won't accept international customers and they will have to do some work to get rid of that stigma.

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