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Why is this language continually hyped to no end on HN?

Javascript is fundamentally an awesome language at its core, as powerful as lisp in many ways. But it's hampered by a few bugs and mis-features that were baked into the language definition early (due to high pressure to release the language early and marketing pressure to make the syntax a certain way, even if it didn't make sense). Coffeescript is a very successful attempt to remove a lot of that pain and let the underlying awesomeness of javascript shine through.

Considering that JS is one of the most ubiquitous and popular languages today this is kind of a big deal.

I think it's because it delights two kinds of people. JavaScript lovers, because it make JavaScript beautiful, and JavaScript haters, because it makes JavaScript palatable.

Although it dignifies your question, I'd say it's because it's the first breath of fresh air in client-side development people have had in a long time. Having a real choice in that space is a big deal.

Do you have specific criticisms of CoffeeScript? That would probably have made for a more productive comment.

It just wreaks of fanboyism when every comment or question that doesn't give praise to coffeescript is downvoted.

Ok, point to a specific comment/question that you think was unfairly downvoted.

The top level comment starting this thread seems to be a valid enough question to have generated some discussion, but it's showing grayed out to me.

That comment is inflammatory, inaccurate, and adds nothing interesting to the discussion.

It got real answers.

I imagine it was downvoted for its aggressive wording, coupled with the poster's later commments about 'fanboyism'.

The answers which the question received, in addition to an insult, were that CoffeeScript removes bugs and mis-features, "is a breath of fresh air", and delights programmers by letting "the underlying awesomeness of Javascript shine through." Hardly real answers.

It is perhaps to-the-point, but I don't think it is aggressive to point out that CoffeeScript frequently shows up on the front page of HN. I am guessing that the comments about fanboyism and unfair down votes came as a response to a down vote, so the initial down vote couldn't be justified on those grounds.

As to the original question of the why CoffeeScript is so popular on HN, I too would like to know.

Hardly real answers

You seem to have missed this part of my response:

  Having a real choice in that space is a big deal.

You are begging the question. You can't just say that CoffeeScript provides a real choice without explaining what differentiates CoffeeScript from Javascript and makes the choice viable.

Shockingly, some people might not feel the urge to write out an essay length post discussing the differences between JS and CoffeeScript.

Yet, they might still be moved to give a short, high level answer to the OP's question.

Those fucking bastards! :)

I never got that behavior, there is nothing in the guidelines that said "Don't be aggressive and don't call people fanboys even if you think so and have something to show supporting that"

The closest that I can see in approach to comments is that you have to be civil and not say things in you wouldn't say in real life. The original post was not guilty on any of those counts. By no means was it an rude or uncivil comment, I see no name calling and he did support his statement in subsequent comments. If you are going to be a baby about it and can't take being called a fanboy then please accept that being called fanboy is uncivil and push to include that into the approach to comments.

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