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Google now has its own Beer (pcworld.com)
109 points by shawnjanas on Oct 2, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

I think it would be hot to see the big tech companies all team up with a designer brewery and each do a signature beer. Microsoft's beer would have to be called Windows Beer 8. FaceBeer would have a QR code on it, when you and another person scan it you're added as friends. Apple's would have 5 patents just on the bottle design. Samsung's bottle would look just like Apple's. AOL would just be Budweiser poured into an AOL bottle.

FaceBeer would have an RFID chip embedded in the bottle, and the beer would spill onto everything in the bar.

Still, everyone would like it and share it with their friends.

And you'd constantly receive reminders to join your friends in building a virtual barley & hops farm.

We would also see website hosting and brewing services arise.

I can confirm the spokesman's story at the end: Google has lots of internal groups of all sorts of interests, and the brewing group thought it would be cool to have a Googley beer. It wasn't for marketing at the Google end, but I'm sure Dogfish think it's pretty neat.

The video really stretches the roll Google and it's products seem to have played in the process. Seemed like a TV crew following the making of a new beer with an occasional Google ad now and again.

Thanks to the Temperance era government monopolies that still control Ontario's alcohol, Dogfish Head is one of the few quality microbrews we can reliably get from the US. Good choice on Google's part, though.

However, I was expecting -- I'm not sure -- Google engineers contributing their technological expertise somehow.

> However, I was expecting -- I'm not sure -- Google engineers contributing their technological expertise somehow.

Well, I've heard the beer has a hint of the honey extracted by the Google hobbyist beekeepers.

Does anyone know when apple are going to release their own iPa?

I was watching to see whether they would A/B test the beer to find the right color. (ref: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=524991)

Actually Dogfish founder Sam Calagione addresses that at 10:30 in the video — "Like most small businesses, it's not like we've got focus groups and separate floors of MBAs squirreled away to give us guidance and consultance (sic). You just wing it and use whatever tools are cheap and at hand."

They do, however, test their new brews in their tasting room, and the ones that are well-received are produced in volume. Maybe more hallway usability testing than a focus group?

Also, I'm impressed they kept the part at about 11:09 where Calagione says, "We don't really spend any money on advertising or marketing…" – sure the video is focusing on Apps integration, but he's talking about Google's core business!

I may need to re-think my "don't want to work at Google" statement.

Well if you want to move to Canada, their office in Montreal is on top of a restaurant/microbrewery(http://les3brasseurs.ca/) that brews it's own beer on site. I've always wondered if they built a tap that goes to the restaurant.

Don't forget that you can also make your own beer. Homebrewing is a really great hobby, and access to quality ingredients is much easier than in the past. With a little (delicious) practice, you can make just about anything.

There are plenty of amazing beers to be had that do not require working at Google. DFH brews are rarely anything special. They are typically worth a try once and then forgotten.

Here! Here! For aged beers!

Where? Where? ;)

(the expression is "hear, hear")

I can't wait to drink this. I wonder if we're going to see more partnerships for advertising purposes between two unrelated businesses.

I can't wait either. I think we will see more.

They bought some other brewery's beer at the store for way too much money, slapped a Google label on it, and now it tastes worse?

Aside from making the trip out to Rehoboth Beach, how might one try it?

Do googlers get dibs?

It's going to be distributed -- from the article:

"... will be packaged for full distribution in the coming months in quantities depending on how people like it..."

I assume they'll update this: http://www.dogfish.com/brews-spirits/fish-finder.htm to include where you can find it once it's shipped, but if not you can at least know who to contact in your area if you want to check availability / try to reserve some.

>green roobios tea

Close. Its called rooibos tea, meaning "red bush".

Belgian Dubbel? Noice. Wanna taste that beer.

I await the time when Google Beer can be integrated into the already long line of Google Foods™ products.


I love a good beer story. This said, if Google keeps diluting its focus and its brand with these somewhat unrelated moves, I am going to start believing those who read these as early signs of its future demise.

interesting use of punitive downrating - maybe HN is just to full of Google employees and stockholders to entertain an objective critic of the company.

that would have been true if their main business was going down.

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