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Play Half-Life in the Browser (icrazyblaze.github.io)
230 points by dtx1 on March 9, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 52 comments

Some browsers will not be able to run the game correctly. If this happens, use Firefox instead.

Now that made me do a double take.

I tried all the browsers. Wasn't able to start the game in any of 'em.

Make sure you're trying to get into the game mode you downloaded when prompted with "Select game data source" - if it was HLDM, only multiplayer is going to work.

Thanks! I was confused by the UI and what all the options meant (took me a while to even see the "Launch!" button you need to press).

First tried on Firefox, couldn't get past the menu.

I started a multiplayer game, game runs at 65fps, buttery smooth.

I tried it in Chrome and it just worked. The mouse position was off but that could be worked around. Once past the menu everything worked very well.

Tried Hazard Course on iOS Safari and although I couldn't do anything, it loaded and rendered the level

Worked great for me on FF developer edition fwiw. The cursor was offset in the initial menus, but once I was in-game it was all effectively perfect.

I know until Chrome 100 hits it has a bug in it's WASM that crashes for OOM a lot

Just yesterday I haved at the worst experience. I use firefox on android. And I looked at https://www.apple.com/mac-studio/ .

It's a fcking landing page, and they maked it so* wrong

Why? What happens in android firefox?

The right game in the… wrong place, can make all… the difference in the world

No game is more deserving of a rest

So wake up and smell the Javascript...

Mr FreeRAM

Welcome, welcome to city Emscripten.

You have chosen or been chosen to relocate to one of our finest new UI frameworks.

Was going well, until I did a walking crouch-jump (Space+Ctrl+W) which is the shortcut for close tab

This is why browser gaming isn't taking off. User interface quirks.

Even in native you're likely to trigger Windows' "sticky keys" feature by pressing shift repeatedly (a standard keybind in many games). Back in the day, games used to crash on alt-tabbing so sticky keys killed your game until disabled.

Microsoft's xCloud only streams controller games for now, and I think that has provided an exceptional user experience early on. You can select the game in your browser, and pick up the different input device while the stream loads. Once you're done playing, put the controller down and Ctrl-W to close the tab and go back to the real-world.

If you go full-screen this shortcut won't close the tab (had the same issues with other browser games I've played in the past).

Ctrl+w (crouch+forward) attempts to close the tab even in fullscreen for me in Firefox.

If I use right click > Pin Tab in Firefox (and only have a single tab open), the tab stays open on Ctrl+W.

Somewhat related, but you can also play CS 1.6 in your browser: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23497236

The site itself seems to currently down but I was using just a few weeks ago. I found that port pretty impressive because multiplayer also works and still had lots of active players! (though ctrl-w for crouch and move forward doesn't, so I can't say it was a seamless experience)

There's also Doom 3 on the browser: https://wasm.continuation-labs.com/d3demo/

This is what i was reminded of, but didn't remember the URL.

Sadly main reason i was reminded of it is because the Doom 3 one seems to have better responsiveness for mouselook - the HL version feels a bit too laggy.

(though even the D3 version has a tiny amount of lag which i do not remember when i tried it a couple of years ago - perhaps changes in the browser are to blame)

They moved to https://play-cs.com

On Firefox, Ctrl+W is only unfortunate if you press Ctrl THEN W, holding W and pressing Ctrl afterwards is fine.

If you want try out some real gameplay, before you launch select "hazardcourse" in the dropdown menu and click "new game" from the in-game main menu.

Works extremely well, until I try crouch-jumping (space-ctrl-W). Firefox interprets this as ctrl-w and asks me if I want to close the tab (and the mouse pointer doesn't get re-confined again).

I'm not even using a QWERTY layout, so I have to contort to press W... It's a common issue with US-made games.

And OS maybe, had no problems on KDE.

That's on sway. I can try KDE, but I'd be surprised if the result is different. Just pressing ctrl-w opens the popup and definitely breaks pointer confinement.

There is also "uplink", which is Half-Life: Uplink, the demo of the game. Those are several levels that were originally part of the retail game but were cut and then used as a demo.

I thought the error produced by following the link to the original author's site was related to the .ua domain and current events, but it turns out the story is evidently more complicated, and seemingly also unresolved since 2018: https://github.com/iCrazyBlaze/Xash3D-Emscripten/issues/1

I could not start a new game in FF in Ubuntu.

New game > Select level > freezes here.

Firefox 97.0.2 Ubuntu 20.04, New Game, click any menu item, the click audibly clicks but nothing happens.

For single player you have to select "Uplink", "Hazard Course", or "Day One" for your game data. "HLDM" is for multiplayer.

If you enjoyed Half Life back then, you'll love Black Mesa: a Half Life 1 recreation using the Half Life 2 engine (graphics, video modes etc).


I got a little tripped up trying to do the long jump section of the hazard course, since holding control for crouching while moving forward (W) triggered the close tab shortcut. Luckily the arrow keys work for forward-backward motion.

Very smooth, surprised to see that it almost doesn't use any CPU! Basically the opposite of the WebGL stuff that I tried out in the past. I wonder why :o|

Doesn't work in any browser.

Worked flawlessly and quickly on Firefox 97.0.2 on Windows.

Worked fine in Chrome99

Did Valve release the assets as freeware or something?

Valve has always been very permissive of their assets. They let modders run wild, then hire the top talent.

The full game isn't playable on that page. I believe all three sets of assets (HLDM, Uplink, Hazard Course) are from demos or free products.

Making the full game playable would probably be less OK.

Keys don't register on menu screen.

Now let's run G-man Invasion!

Sound is pretty messed up for me

works perfectly in chrome on mac, thank you to whoever did this, so nostalgic

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