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Parse (YC S11) is hiring engineers.
on Sept 30, 2011 | hide
Parse provides cloud services for mobile developers. Some have called us "Heroku for Mobile." We believe mobile developers shouldn't we writing server code or worrying about servers at all.

About Parse:

- We move fast. We launched our private beta a little over two months after starting the company. Since then we've signed up over 3000 developers and have dozens of production apps in the store.

- We have difficult and interesting engineering problems.

- We build products for other developers. You'll be your own customer.

- We are four very technical cofounders who have been early employees or founders at successful startups.

About you:

- You'll be employee #1.

- You'll be responsible for architecting and implementing features in their entirety.

- You'll write code in Ruby, Objective-C, and Java (so far). You don't need to know these coming in -- we like generalists who can pick up anything.

- You'll have the opportunity to grow into a large leadership role.

We offer significant equity, market salary, fully covered health insurance, your choice of equipment, etc. We're based in San Francisco and are looking for people that can hack in the office with us.

Please get in touch -- email Tikhon at tikhon@parse.com

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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