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This bit isn't the most impressive. Self-compiling languages are worthless until they implement something else. And it happen that IS (OMeta + Javascript + Nile), does implement more than itself. On top of it, they implemented:

- TCP-IP in 200 lines. Current C implementation use 10Kloc (50 times more).

- Most of Cairo's functionality in 500 lines. And it's fast enough. Cairo on the other hand weighs about 40Kloc. (Again, about 50 times more code.)

And that's for functionality they couldn't scrap altogether, or merge those with similar capabilities. For instance, you don't want to send emails, or publish a web page, or print a PDF, or, goodness forbid, a Word document. You just want to handle a fucking document. Send it, publish it, whatever, this is all glorified text (you do need the glorification, though).

The bottom line is, Alan Kay and his team rule.

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