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Build groundbreaking technology at MemSQL (YC W11)
on Sept 30, 2011 | hide
MemSQL is a lightning fast database that is 30x faster than MySQL. MemSQL is fully relational, durable, highly available, and distributed. Earlier this year we raised a $2.1 million seed from Tier I Investors.

For a 9-month old database company, we’re already generating revenue and have recruited engineers from Facebook, Microsoft SQL Server, Stanford, CMU, University of Waterloo, IIT, among others, and through competitions like Top Coder and ACM ICPC.

Data is expanding so fast that existing databases can't keep up. At MemSQL, you can help change that. By putting data into memory with proper data structures and access patterns, applications can use SQL at scale instead of using limited interfaces like Memcached or NoSQL.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Zynga have enough engineers to efficiently operate in memory, but more companies and applications will need an easy way to go into memory as they hit high traffic or migrate to the IO-bottlenecked Cloud.

We’re working to change the state of the art. We’re hiring. Join us.

Responsibilities: · Work with a small team of engineers to design and implement core database components of MemSQL · Formulate and refine new data structures, access patterns, and algorithms · Work on distributed systems architecture

Requirements: · 2+ years of systems-level experience · C/C++ mastery · Ability to understand, develop, and implement advanced data structures and algorithms

Benefits: · Pre-Series A option grant · Market salary · Cool work environment in SF (18 foot ceilings, natural lighting, cherrywood floors) · 100% coverage of medical, dental, and vision insurance · Catered breakfasts, lunches, dinners

Send your resume to yc@memsql.com

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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