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I couldn't agree more. In software engineering, I have seen people read books on design patterns and use it EVERYWHERE possible.

Even the most simplest and straightforward development work is matched to a pattern and implemented as a design pattern.

I think there should be a rule that says if your feature or a particular problem that you are trying to solve does not exceed XYZ lines of code, then it should never be implemented as a design pattern.

Yet to determine XYZ. I would guess XYZ = 200?

tl;dr Get off my lawn!

Right. Because current attitudes are that if you aren't developing everything purely object oriented with a design pattern or five using nosql for your data store you're a fucking imbecile. I shit you not I've seen a coworker spend half a day adding 800+ lines of get() and set() methods to a 150 line email script. The truly bizarre part is, it's not like he's stupid, or fresh out of school. The guy's a certifiable genius with six or seven years of industry experience under his belt.

This kind of cargo cult bullshit is, in my opinion, the single largest recurring (recursive?) problem in our industry. Unfortunately this isn't a new problem. Every generation of programmers finds some set of development concepts to enshrine as the gospel.

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