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Well, as Bakunin said, the passion for destruction is also a creative passion.

This isn't really rage and hate. You're taking the words too literally. It's the frustration of being able to feel clearly that there ought to be a simpler way, that there is a simpler way, while at the same time being caught in a sticky spider web and unable to do much about it.

You know what I bet is driving this? The realization that Node.js itself has turned out way too complicated. It ought to be a nice library to provide non-blocking I/O and networking APIs to V8 apps. Now it's becoming Rails at one end and an operating system at the other.

(I don't mean to pick on Node. It's valuable and I use it. My point is that we are all the sorcerer's apprentice, and runaway complexity will always be the default unless ruthlessly counteracted. It wasn't counteracted in Node's case, and since Ryah is a true hacker I imagine that he has the taste to know it. Indeed he says as much in the OP.)

It's not Ryan's passion I'm critical about. It's the fact that he's blasting anyone who doesn't fit in his view of right as "you don't understand how fucked the whole thing is." That's quite an ego to assume anyone who doesn't agree must be ignorant.

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