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"90 years ago, I think Jamis could have written a similar deck about why cranking a Model-T while pumping the throttle was just the hard work necessary to enjoy driving."

I feel like these points are contradictory. If it is "all about the user experience" and you're advocating using more sophisticated and cognitively intensive, but conceptually cleaner and more repeatable, processes like the arch... then shouldn't algorithms be important?

It's all about the user experience, right? While our job may be complicated and involve a lot of math; at the end of the day we're to present an approachable front and clean interface to the intent of this complexity.

Or are we just raging because software is hard? I have no sympathy for people who aren't constantly improving themselves. Writing software will probably never be easy; and nothing Ryan has said (or that Node.js does) changes that.

There is a "software crisis". There is no "hardware crisis" and, in fact, has the opposite of "Moore's Law". Both are difficult, right? But we have conquered the latter and we have made few inroads into the latter.

Large systems are almost impossible to create and maintain. Imagine that we could build dog houses and, if we're careful, houses, but nothing bigger that wasn't under constant threat of falling apart? Imagine news headlines of "Chartres Cathedral collapsed again today." And then imagine a response of, "Well, that's because it's hard to build."

What Dr. Kay said, and I'm sure he only backed off of it because it's tiring making these arguments over and over again to people who look on with open mouths, is that there is the equivalent of the arch waiting for us. You, Dave, may not believe it. You may say anyone who complains about houses falling in on themselves just doesn't know it's hard work. I'm saying it's hard work to make them out of toothpicks and dental floss.

The reason I get annoyed in my comments (and had to apologize) is that I've spent 15 years working on a solution and have had nothing but resistance from those who can't see past the state of the art.

You have no sympathy for people who aren't constantly improving themselves. I have no sympathy for an industry that isn't.

So what is your solution?

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