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Git is the quintessential example of requiring the users to get inside the author's head if they want to avoid disaster, and thus falls into the "steaming pile of crap" category. The things "git merge" will do to your tree are not defined by what a user might reasonably want or expect but by what's easy and convenient for the git authors, and there is simply no way to understand "git reset" without thinking about the internals of how git tracks changes. Simple commands do bizarre things that are almost never needed or desired, while simple and common tasks require non-obvious (and poorly explained) options. Git is a powerful and useful tool, but it is also the poster child for what is wrong with modern software development.

Yep, I agree. I've used git for 5 months. I just know for sure what 3 commands do: git commit -a and git push and git add.

Ask me what git merge does, or how to branch, or even how to delete a file in a repository (w/o deleting it from your local), or how to revert back to another version, or how to even check out, and I'll say I dunno. I read the documentation, but am still confused. I sometimes feel like I'm dumb because I feel everyone loves git and everyone gets it. Glad to hear that I'm not alone.

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