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I'm pretty sure Egyptian pyramids are made of fairly substantial chunks of stone, probably weren't built by slaves and as they are nearly 5000 years old they surely must have rather a lot of structural integrity.

NB I've been to the center of Khafra's pyramid at Giza and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have done this if it hadn't exhibited rather a lot of structural integrity.

So... you're defending that type of architecture? Reading these other comments here, you're not alone it seems. No wonder we're in the mess we're in. Why bother looking for constructs like the arch? You want a big building? Just pile rocks in a heap.

PS. yes, yes, yes, there is irony in Dr. Kay's quote in that the Giza pyramids are of almost magical construction. He meant it metaphorically.

Wait... what? Dude, the invention of the arch was a big deal, and it came later. Forgive the Egyptians for their inability to do calculus; they were still thinking of shapes in terms of knotted rope.

The great irony of this conversation and its genesis is that it comes from the author of a server-side programming platform who's good points include, "No new techniques required, you already know javascript" and that touts a decades-old cooperative-multitasking approach as "simple" when the end result for the programmer is anything but.

I'm not blaming the Egyptians; I just don't want to be them.

I think we should looking for the arch, and not be happy with piling rocks in a heap.

"piling rocks in a heap"

The Egyptian pyramids are quite incredible bits of engineering - hardly "rocks in a heap".

"So... you're defending that type of architecture?"

No I was nitpicking about some factual inaccuracies about Egyptian pyramids - I wasn't making any comment whatsoever about software.

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