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I'm shocked that about 90% of comments are bashing Ry. If it's not obvious to you that writing software sucks, it's because you haven't swallowed the red pill. You are not enlightened. What he says disturbs you and discomforts you because you've built your life on the blue pill notion that writing software is supposed to look something like this -- that memorizing the minutiae is justified and even somehow noble.

You're tempted to criticize because someone told you growing up that you're a unique little snowflake and your opinion is worthwhile whether it's qualified or not. This is Ry. And his sentiment is echoed by the greats, like Alan Kay and others. Listen for a second (and you can't listen if you're already babbling your unintelligible knee-jerk response).

Thanks, Morpheus Durden

You're welcome. Actually, the snowflake thing was Bill Hicks before it was Tyler Durden. And, OK, I was a bit hard, but I can't stand the Oprah Effect: here is an important, deep topic, now let's ask some unqualified, uninformed people for their opinion. I browsed the comments and only saw a litany of shallow, and frankly stupid, replies. Since when did HN become Reddit? Which then begs: Is it time for me to go?

Obviously jocking (and I must admit I don't know who Bill Hicks is).

Anyway, I see your point.

No worries. Cheers.

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