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Good analogy, it reminded me of teen angst. The Livejournal version of this rant would have been: "I hate how the world is so complicated, with relationships and stuff and politics and law and technology, why don't people in this time just behave simple. Animals have done so for millions of years, and the only thing that matters is that things are simple and understandable to me. I don't care about history and mathematics why, ohhh why doesn't the world simply do what I want !!!"

Software needs to be complicated because the tasks that it performs are complicated. The only way human programmers can deal with this is abstraction on abstraction on abstraction. This will only becomes worse as software handles more "real world" things such as formerly hardware tasks.

Unnecessary software complexity is added due to maintenance, where the maintainers added extra complexity because they weren't able to integrate the changes into the current design and/or didn't understand it well enough. Probably a better job could be done with better tools/documentation in this case. Not by ranting at developers though.

His rant about UNIX is crazy. Any full-featured operating system necessarily is complex under the hood. If something randomly doesn't work in his favorite OS he also has to spend hours googling, diving into obscure settings managers, etc.

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