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Unix is very easy if you take time to learn it. Most things behave the same way.

Demonstrably untrue based on two and a half decades of experience. At least chasing lib dependencies for 18 hours during the config/make/make install process is mostly a thing of the past.

Do you have any broad advice on easing the config/make/make install process?

apt-get install

or yum install, Where yum automatically resolves the dependencies for you. No more make && make install

Nothing to do.

  Most things behave the same way.
Ha ha. You jest.

  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ ls
  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ ls bar
  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ mv bar baz
  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ ls
  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ cp baz bar
  cp: omitting directory `baz'
  bbot@bbot:~/foo$ ls
There are hundreds of things like this. dd's hilarious syntax. The spotty usage of --help. Inconsistent behavior when you invoke a command with no arguments. The dazzling array of contradictory option flags for ls. Everything about vi. Etc etc etc.

He said "Unix", not "Linux".

I'm confused. Which of these don't apply?

You just proved the authors point.

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