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Hear hear! As a software developer, my trade is a ghetto awash with all manner of amateur-hour charlatans and language silos that are tantamount to pistol-whipped lock-in (I'm looking at you node.js). If you take a step back, the entire ecosystem of 'software development' is a chattering tower of Babel, all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Programming languages, their frameworks, their libraries, their petty concerns are a mere vanity folly, riddled with re-invention, abstraction arcana, and deus-ex-machina hoopla. We have lost our way, straying so far from the path of the UNIX philosophy such that I must now 'whole-stack' an application instead of using the pipe character. A pox on the whole damned lot of it!

Some days I just despair of all the time I've wasted bustling and jostling, crushed by the sweaty masses in the ghetto. But if I'm honest with myself, I must confess I love it too. I love my programming languages, my libraries, the eight different ways I know to full-text search, to regex, to parse, to lock, to async. I love the smell and heat of the coal-face, the futility of it all. Stockholm Syndrome indeed!

You had me until "straying so far from the path of the UNIX philosophy". UNIX is a huge part of the problem IMO. Worse is better. Systems like Linux are the enemy of progress because while they suck horribly, they work much better than some alternatives (not to mention any naMeS) and at least as good as others so why spend time actually doing things right?

There is so much more that could be done with operating systems in any direction you want to go. I'm thankful that doing things on my iPad doesn't involve messing with command lines. But for when I want hackability I'd rather have what a Lisp machine could have become than a silly way to do functional programming in shell.

Maybe the real problem isn't that UNIX/Linux suck, but rather that these are extremely hard problems and there are no easy solutions.

But UNIX/Linux does suck and few are going to work on these extremely hard problems because UNIX/Linux are good enough.

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