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You assume that he likes what he created.

In this rant he didn't say Node.js was the solution, or better than any of these crappy abstractions.

Don't assume that. He might not say he doesn't like node.js, but it doesn't mean he is happy with it.

I don't assume that he likes what he created. My point is: if he thinks things are these way why didn't he try to create a framework that did things simpler? The research on concurrency has plenty of options that are easier to read and reason about than callback-based code.

Good point he never even mentions node.js. ;)

But I do feel that node.js is Rayn's attempt to enlighten me and hopeful others. He doesn't try to hide everything like ports and the underlying c code. Its all there, and best of all in a language that is familiar(at least for web developers).

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