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But isn't it neat how shit still works?

Never fails to amaze me what users will do with a software tool.

I've seen experienced devs and support staff run a C program written to parse some weird data against another data set in the vain hope that it would parse the new data set into something usable.

I've seen MBAs who could barely tell you what a variable is write visual basic macros in Excel to do hardcore data management.

Game devs who almost seemed to frickin' think in OpenGL.

It is a big ball of mud (turtles all the way down, eh?), but on a good day, I listen to a hacker talk about finally getting that little piece of code beat into submission and it's very satisfying just to see that gleam in their eye.

Shit still works in spite of the software stack, not because of it.

Just how much reliance we put on autoconf really makes me shudder.

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