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Listen. I bought my macbook when I was a student and it was considerably more than my current income level.

I understand all of this.

You still don't need to use Textmate. I've never used textmate; I'm a professional developer.

>How is this promise different. If he made a mistake in calculating initial cost, its his mistake and he has to own up to it.

He's a one man operation. The risks are different, and he's likelier to go bankrupt. What-I'm-saying-here is… that I would have an exceedingly easy time forgiving him.

All of this is assuming he will own up to it. He posts a blog post grovelling to his customers and apologizing to everyone in sight, blah blah.

>I have been on and off for a while,I missed when Jersey Shore hit HN.

Stop being a jackass.

FYI, you're being "elitist" because you're implying that someone who watches Jersey Shore is beneath HN.

>(hope you get hellbanned, I sincerely do)

Isn't that a little bit shitty of you to say? You know, I kind of hate this about HN. Secret bans, unexplained rules, etc etc. Everyone worships to the entrepreneur ideal but I'm not convinced most people have had to think about operating as a business.

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