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Suits shouldn't be allowed to this type of meetup. I definitely saw at least 5 people in suits. so lame.

This is the second comment I've come across in this thread. At first I would tend to agree, but let's consider that the "suits" probably have jobs. And if they were at YCNYC they obviously have more interest in startup culture than the million or so suits who did not come.

Part of hacker culture is judging someone by ideas, which is why we're known for the t-shirt and shorts attire. But I don't think it's fair nor helpful to judge someone by their attire at a post-work event.

We know gobs and gobs of NYC's tech talent works in the financial services industry. I'm happy to see the diversity, even if I got a few pitches from folks looking for a l33t technical co-founder.

Isn't NYC the one city where you'd expect to see a lot of people in suits? Maybe they just got off work. Maybe their suit is your t-shirt you know?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jack_Dorsey_David_Shankbon... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sean_Parker.jpg

You should reconsider if it's more lame to wear a suit or to be judgemental.

I wore a jacket and tie to the event. I'm a developer and I've sold a company. I try to not look like a slob. It will get you further than you might think.

Please don't make assumptions.

so, I agree with your sentiment. However, you just equated not wearing a jacket and tie with looking like a slob... and then asked someone else not to make assumptions. I'd kindly suggest that his "snob" is roughly equivalent to your "slob".

If I handed you an iPad wrapped in a tattered brown bag or in the most ornate wrapping, you’d be excited either way. However, I’d have to wrap a BlackBerry in money before you would get excited about it. The same is true of people. Some people are amazing on their own, and others are so lacking that they have to wrap themselves in suits and other accessories before people will even give them a second glance. Amazing people can wear a suit without fear, while lacking people clutch at their suits in dread that they will be exposed as frauds. Out of full disclosure, I have to admit I wore a suit and tie to my first phone screen.

As developers, we've sort of earned the right to dress however we like. Why not dress well? Looking like a slob is not a badge of honor. It's the badge of a slob.

I read Kelly's article and I get the new balance (and sketchers, wtf?) aspect. However, I have some of the best tattoos ever seen before coupled with nice boots and expensive tailored skinny jeans + a t-shirt. I call this my Power Uniform. This has taken me pretty far also. Regarding girls vs. work re: dresscode - girls would much rather fuck a dude wearing my Power Uniform than Your Suit. I don't need lady advice, but most developers reading that article might need more than a wardrobe makeover.

There's this little market called enterprise software...

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