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Then here's an idea that may make everybody here happy: the price for the software new is $60. The price for the software with a code from the previous edition is what you want. You can put in $60, or $0, or $256. How 'bout that?

Marco's position, which I support, is a little like Warren Buffett pointing out that his taxes are too low, which I also support.

People who reply "Well if you think your taxes are so low, make a voluntary contribution" are probably-deliberately overlooking that the goal isn't for an individual to pay more, it's to provide meaningful support to the entity which needs the revenue, whether that's Allen Odgaard or the US government.

People didn't agree to pay taxes because they were promised that their taxes would remain at X rate for Y period of time.

People did agree to buy TM1 because of the promise of a free upgrade to TM2.

I'm not suggesting a "voluntary contribution" (i.e. a donate button beside a free download link.) I'm suggesting a real payment/checkout process, with a lot of inbuilt social pressure to put in a number that's not zero. You know, like how the Humble Indie Bundles work.

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