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Agreed. I bought a license for Sublime Text 2 about a month ago after I felt I'd taken advantage of the evaluation enough.

Almost nightly updates, more doing than saying, a nice little support forum and - the clincher - compatibility with TextMate bundles while being multi-platform (TextMate functionality... on my Linux install!). It's still in beta and has a way to go but it fills the gap TextMate has left, and it gets near-nightly updates.

Don't get me wrong, TextMate was (/still is) great, but if people want to celebrate a developer for announcing what has essentially been vapourware (and may still be), and running a travesty of a blog, they're free to, and they're free to throw their money away.

But if I had a blog of my own I might suggest you save that €30, give Sublime a go, and see if you'd rather put that cash towards a full license for it.

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