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Contrast the TextMate situation to that of Sublime Text. Jon Skinner has done an amazing job of shipping something compelling early, updating it often, developing out in the open and giving his customers a good reason to buy the product even though it's still in beta.

Allan Odgaard has made promises as to the quality and ship date of his product, and that's about it (to be fair, there have been 1.x updates). At this point the promise of a free upgrade combined with the boatloads of cash TM1 made are almost certainly what put future product development on perpetual hold. Far from just avoiding that promise, he should have avoided talking about future versions at all.

For me the choice is pretty clear. I finally deleted TM from ~/Applications a few weeks ago and haven't really looked back. Sublime Text 2 isn't perfect, but it is already very close to being everything I need for my day to day development and general editing tasks. Even though it isn't stable, I use it nearly every day, and it just keeps getting better.

Agreed. I bought a license for Sublime Text 2 about a month ago after I felt I'd taken advantage of the evaluation enough.

Almost nightly updates, more doing than saying, a nice little support forum and - the clincher - compatibility with TextMate bundles while being multi-platform (TextMate functionality... on my Linux install!). It's still in beta and has a way to go but it fills the gap TextMate has left, and it gets near-nightly updates.

Don't get me wrong, TextMate was (/still is) great, but if people want to celebrate a developer for announcing what has essentially been vapourware (and may still be), and running a travesty of a blog, they're free to, and they're free to throw their money away.

But if I had a blog of my own I might suggest you save that €30, give Sublime a go, and see if you'd rather put that cash towards a full license for it.

TextMate 2 seems to be limping over the finish line while Sublime Text 2 is already getting in to its stride for the next race.

I think Sublime deserves to take the crown, but a little more polish specific to the Mac version (behaviours, icon) wouldn't hurt.

I think Mac version gets a ton of attention :)

Thanks for the ref to Sublime - it runs on Windows. I have a TM license on my mac mini (hooked up via kvm), but since my wifes machine died I migrated her to the mac, so I don't really use the thing anymore (TextMate too), and I have to admit, it is a nice editor and I wish it was available for Windows. I'll definitely check out Sublime today though.

so I just downloaded it at work and had a quick look - immediate impression is "wow", it's really really nice, I need to put some mileage into it. I have some faith that the first impression was the right one

Same here, a few months ago I gave up on Textmate2 ever coming and switched to Sublime2 and I love it, the every month upgrade cycle is perfect amount of time between releases.

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