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As others have said, nobody ever refers to them like that. They might say, "did you like Oblivion", or, if they're gamers hanging out in a gaming-specific forum, "are you a fan of TES?" Never, ever, have I heard anyone refer to the games as "Scrolls". It's simple not done. In the same vein, you would never refer to gcc as "collection".

Same here. Calling it just "scrolls" sounds horribly wrong and I've done a lot of gaming. I can't imagine being confused by this.

I think this is a total waste of money and wish they'd taken Mojang up on that offer to play a game for it.

Can anyone point to any comment, prior to this lawsuit nonsense, where someone actually referred to any game or the series as just "scrolls"? In all the comments over this, not one person has done that. And it's a huge internet, so someone, somewhere has probably done that. But everyone I know will say Elder Scrolls or ES or TES or Morrowind or what have you.


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