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A New Flavor... Still Delicious (avos.com)
181 points by sahillavingia on Sept 27, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 106 comments


So I log in and the first obvious difference is that I can see exactly four bookmarks on the screen at once. And if I scroll I see that there are only 10 per page. Don't you think that's a bit sparse?

I'm not sure what use case the new owners think most people are on the site for, but for me it's to save bookmarks and quickly find them again. I used to have a nice tall list that I could scan down quickly.

So I click a tag off the sidebar to narrow things down a bit. Nine Mississippi. Ten Mississippi, and I came back here to update my comment. I can see the other tab still spinning.

Searching came back fast enough, but really, I don't want to have to type keywords in to find links that a few days ago were in a nice tight list on a single screen.

In all, this seems like a huge step backward.

Beyond that, the homepage seems to have changed. I've never used the homepage, so I can't comment on whether that's an improvement or not. Anybody know what the homepage is supposed to be for? Looking at other people's bookmarks?

Looking at other people's bookmarks is one of the main ways I use Delicious: either by searching (I find it much better than google for certain things, eg. finding popular software) or using the Popular page to see what's new (normally pretty weighted towards web-dev on Delicious, but you can browse tags for other topics).

As the cofounder of trunk.ly and a direct competitor to delicious, I think this new version is one step forward, two steps back.

Social bookmarking is one of the few much under-appreciated services. It offers much longer life-time-value to its users. There are lots of data one can mine. Many needs to satisfy. Chad and Chen's entry definitely revitalize this market. Their "bringing social bookmarking to consumers" is spot on. This is a huge step forward. Over time, I'm sure the service will become better as long as they keep improving it.

Two steps back:

1) The main way to get links into delicious is still via bookmarklet. Given the high ratio of people using facebook, twitter, why should I manually bookmark a link if I have already retweeted it? Or liked it in my little walled garden?

Trunk.ly provides 10+ connectors into popular social networks. Setup once. Links will start coming in automatically.

2) Lack of a solid social search. Playlist for the web is a great concept but will your interior "design" tag means the same to my software "design" tag? Tagging as a device to build taxonomy starts to collapse when people uses same tag for difference things. Quora solves this problem quite well by labouring out a taxonomy of its own.

Trunk.ly provides a search interface so essentially you have your own google for your links as well as your friends.

For example, want to search for stunning infrared photography images?

This is what you get from trunk.ly: http://trunk.ly/?q=infrared+photography

This is from delicious: http://delicious.com/search?p=infrared+photography

It was the popular links, now, the first tab became popular stacks...

It looks like a simplified delicious.com, a lot of features haven't been implemented. We probably should give them a bit more time.

One thing I hated most is the spaces between entries and spaces between blocks, it makes the page really fat.

My old Delicious "network" aggregated bookmarks from 100 people I was following; it looks like only 20 of them transferred their bookmarks to new Delicious. (By comparison, 40 of them are in my Pinboard network.) I probably learned more from reading my Delicious network over the past eight years than I learned in college (and I liked college); my network was a wonderful little personal community of people trading interesting, thoughtful, timely, links from around the web over many years. (Twitter now serves this purpose for a ton of people, which is lovely, but a carefully-chosen Delicious network had a signal-to-noise ratio that was pretty unbeatable.) So I'm sad that I seem to no longer be able to follow my network's links in aggregate to see what they've saved recently. But Delicious has been breaking the hearts of former employees for years, and eventually you stop caring so much. Yay for Pinboard!

After further study: you can't save links privately via the Delicious bookmarklet anymore. I just clicked my "save this link" bookmarklet on an article I was reading (out of some nostalgic impulse), and I expected the usual interface where I could fill out some metadata and then submit it for saving -- but instead, the link was instantly saved publicly to my account, so I had to quickly click the checkbox for "this is private", save again, and then go to Delicious and edit it again to add the metadata I wanted.

Anyway, for people interested in an example of social listmaking done in a pleasantly focused way, Bagcheck is interesting to explore: http://bagcheck.com/ (recently talent-acquired by Twitter).

I feel the same way. User since 2003, migrated to Pinboard. This misses the curation from back in the day. I probably share some of those users in my old network.

In any case, Pinboard is the true heir to del.icio.us.

It costs money.

Yes, it does. If you're interested in long-term web-based storage of personal bookmarks, Pinboard's fee is a type of improvement over Delicious, since it helps the service stay calmly stable over time.

Things worth having often do.

> Twitter now serves this purpose for a ton of people, which is lovely, but a carefully-chosen Delicious network had a signal-to-noise ratio that was pretty unbeatable.

Moreover, searching for anything old on Twitter is pretty much impossible. Delicious was much better in that you could always search & recall that one bookmark.

i just added a new delicious bookmark for pinboard.in that will teach them!

Whenever there's change, there's always some degree of resistance. That being said...

Why the obsession with sparse layouts? Too much information can be negative, yes, but the old layout was compact yet not overwhelming.

Where's the tag cloud? This may be the single most annoying thing with the new layout... Not only the tag cloud was a more compact way to display all the tags, but it also emphasized the more frequently used ones.

Where's the tag filtering? Previously I could click on a tag, and then add other tags to display only the bookmarks that matched all of them.

What's up with the picture on links whenever they have a comment?

And finally...

When you have something that works, why in $DEITY's name will you go out on a rampage and rewrite it from scratch? You know, if people used the site, maybe it had something going for it...

I never considered switching away from delicious before. But now that it is a different beast altogether, with most of what made it useful for me before (I couldn't care less about "social" features), I just might.

You still can filter by multiple tags. Just keep clicking on tags in the sidebar.

I rather like the promise. Since this is basically a complete rewrite, I'm sure they'll take into consideration the feedback from their users. And I'm sure there will be a lot of it.

Frankly, I dislike "promise". You do not remove features from users without a significant reason, you work within the constrains of what you have and build upon that.

The tag list isn't even ordered alphabetically anymore, for $DEITY's sake...

How would users react in they opened Word one day and found out it was actually Notepad, just because Microsoft wanted to create a "beautiful thing" and rewrite Word from scratch...?

The tag list isn't even ordered alphabetically anymore, for $DEITY's sake...

I just checked my account, expanded All Tags, and they're listed alphabetically. I also saw there were options to show up to 100 bookmarks per page, and reduce the amount of detail shown.

Looks very much like old Delicious. If I could make the font size of the bookmark titles the same size as pretty much all other text on the page (and therefore get more items visible at a time) I'd be more than happy. And I can fix that with Greasemonkey.

Well isn't that what's probably happening with Win8?

It's a complete rewrite, but I'm still surprised they missed so many basic features. It's rather frustrating to use.

* No iPhone version of the site anymore.

* Links are bookmarked as soon as you click the bookmarklet, not when you click save on in the popup window.

* No suggest-as-you-type tags when using the bookmarket.

* Both http://delicious.com and http://www.delicious.com exist, and you can be signed in on one but not the other. There are also links on one that redirect to the other.

* If you are logged out, clicking on the bookmarklet pulls up the site's registration screen in a new window. This window does not have horizontal scrollbars and is not wide enough to see the login link.

* For some reason there's no hand cursor on mouse-over of links.

> * Both http://delicious.com and http://www.delicious.com exist, and you can be signed in on one but not the other. There are also links on one that redirect to the other.

In addition to being dumb in general, this is also a huge SEO faux pas... though, it would appear they couldn't care less:




That's a lot of organic search traffic left on the table.

http://del.icio.us still exists too, it's my preferred one.

> We’re still supporting all Delicious APIs and feeds

I would beg to differ:

$ curl http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/json/recent?count=20

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: feeds.delicious.com; nodename nor servname provided, or not known

Dammit. I wanted to save a page. I click my Chrome plugin, it no longer works. I go to Delicious.com, drag the new bookmarklet into my bookmarks bar, and attempt to save again.

It has a dropdown to be added into a stack, but no indication that it doesn't need to be in a stack (made me hesitate a bit, why do I need stacks and tags?).

The worse part is when typing in tags, it no longer autocompletes for the tags I already use. Now I'm at risk at using different tags for similar content (e.g. tutorial/tutorials, book/books)

and there appears to be no way to submit the form without clicking the button. Part of the joy of the previous flow was I had the bookmarklet bound to a shortcut, when it opened it auto-focussed on the tags box (with URL and title pre-populated), autocompleted my tags, and enter would submit.

I could be done and on my way without even thinking in around 1-2 secs. This is about an order of magnitude slower and as you mentioned prone to tagging error.

Same here. It cleared auto-login and forgot password doesn't work.

Ditto. I have come to love my little "TAG" button that comes with the Chrome delicious plugin, but it doesn't work any more .. this is definitely a feature regression. I wouldn't have so much use out of Delicious if it weren't so easy to tag a site - the current multi-click futzing around is very frustrating, and of course it really doesn't help that the image/URL code for the "Save a Link" button is broken, so you can't actually drag the button to your bookmark toolbar, as they suggest.

Not cool, new Delicious owners. We dedicated users are getting a bit ticked off here .. I'll give it a week before I switch to Pinboard or some other local, smart, solution for managing my bookmark collections.

Tags are dead by design in the new Delicious.

The new front page design smacks of those spammy "10 AMAZING Photos of [fill in the blank]" sites which steal other people's content and don't properly attribute it. I can't bring myself to click on any of the stacks; I just want to avert my eyes.

No pagination (yet, i hope), means i can't browse more than one page of links for any tag, which is rather useless for now.

I want to try the stacks feature. I'm not sure if I care about it or not, but until i can browse all my old links, I have nothing to make stacks with.

Hope they bring back the tag cloud page.

Clicking my tags in the list to the right adds them to the current selection, /tag1+tag2+tag3, with no indication apart from the URL of what's selected and now to deselect. That mechanic is broken horribly right now, but exposing tag intersections is a good idea in general.

The best thing about delicious was the network feed.. that's why I went to the site most days. I hope that is coming back ASAP.

Based on the design and avatar placement, I'm assuming the ability to comment on links others have saved is coming soon: good.

Chrome extension no longer works (why?! it just tagged stuff...) I don't have a bookmark bar visible, so bookmarklets make me sad.

Bit of a rough relaunch, but I guess they always are..

Like many others here, I switched to pinboard a while ago. And strangely enough, even though that is run by a single person, I trust it more to respond to users wishes and generally be updated. Don't care about the social aspects, so the user base really doesn't matter to me. I want my bookmarks managed, if somebody else has to share something, blogs and twitter are sufficient, I don't need to bookmark-stalk someone…

And is it just me or did their default bookmarklet add those silly stacks, but drop tag autocompletion?

>And is it just me or did their default bookmarklet add those silly stacks, but drop tag autocompletion?

no, its not just you! its done it for me too! its so frustrating! My browser crashed when I tried to create a stack!

If you don't care about social aspects, why can you just live with browser sync? (really asking)

I do use browser sync, but to be honest, most of what I have there is just some work-related, frequently used items and bookmarlets, i.e. mostly stuff in the bookmark bar.

Pinboard/delicious has some vital advantages for me – first, it works across browsers, so whether I'm using Chrome or Firefox, I can still access them. Never mind bookmarking something from an iOS or Android device…

Also, the UI for doing that is a lot better, tagging, search etc. Some stuff you bookmark is a simple "read later" or "read on another device" list, but I do it for lot of articles and sites that might come in convenient some vague time in the future.

The tagging is really nice for organizing things, and having the date you bookmarked it associated is nice as well. I know I'll sometimes think, "What was that site I looked at last year that had that cool ____?" and it's pretty easy to find if you can just scroll through by date bookmarked.

To filter by date, Google's web history is better than delicious with heatmap stuffs, IMHO (YMMV)

Is it just me or delicious.com is now terribly slow?

Overall, I'm not impressed.

* the "Hi, <my-name>" dropdown menu must be the most horrible I've ever seen;

* why do I need to have a picture?! I just want to save/share bookmarks!

* all this "stack feature": I barely see the point. grouping can be done with tags (well done with allowing tags with spaces!).

Am I blind, or has the API documentation completely disappeared?

I've also noticed that some of the RSS feeds I had previously subscribed to are starting to 404. I haven't had the patience to track down what the new URLs are, but no redirects? Really?

Email addresses with plus signs in the left-hand side now appear to be a new pain point. :P (My existing plussed-address is still in place, but any changes I make to my settings cause a server-side insistance that the email I've entered is invalid.)

So far, not impressed with the first steps Avos have taken, and I say this as a long-time fan of Delicious.

Yep, the API documentation is gone; http://delicious.com/help/tools claims that developer documentation is coming soon. In the meantime, Pinboard's API almost exactly matches Delicious's, and its documentation is still up: http://pinboard.in/api.

Incidentally, the Delicious API is still working correctly (albeit slowly) for me.

I can't have a tag of two letters. I have a lot 500 errors when I browse my links.

Ouch !

The TextMate of bookmarking apps... I've happily moved to Pinboard thanks.

Does Pinboard show you how many others bookmarked the same link, including the usernames?

It's nice when a bookmarking service can be a discovery tool itself.

yes it shows you "x others" next to your link, when you click on it you can see the list of other users who bookmarked it


I'm asking as a potential user of Pinboard because I don't care much for the new Delicious.

How was that confusing?

Like many of the commenters, I'm not crazy about the changes. But I do notice one marked improvement, though I'm not sure how many others will share my experience.

I've been using this Delicious bookmarklet for Chrome (http://www.techlifeweb.com/2008/09/11/delicious-bookmarklet-...) and noticed that about a year ago, it was displaying only the five suggested tags, instead of all the recommended tags for that site. To make things worse, they didn't even seem to be the most relevant five — nearly every site was tagged "inspiration" or "design," undoubtedly by web designers looking for ideas.

Now that it's relaunched, the suggested tags are back to normal! I know I should just enter my own tags, but it kind of defeats the purpose of tapping the wisdom of crowds.

Now it's time to go back and re-tag a year's worth of bookmarks...er, links. A delicious prospect indeed.

What happened to the network view of those you follow? It was one of my main means of finding interesting content.

they may have just killed delicious.. why didn't they do a private beta before?...

+1 Huge mistake from non-Yahoo!

This new flavor could end up being the sweet spot between the Delicious we've come to know and the interesting but relatively niche TrailMeme (http://trailmeme.com/). I can see some interesting hacker focused stacks emerge that aggregate quality links around, say, getting started with a new technology or maybe fund raising.

The challenge with "stacks" though, as with any list curation web app, is 1) maintaining the quality of content and 2) surfacing higher quality collections as you scale and become more and more inclusive. And these are hard problems to tackle without having humans sift through thousands of stacks to pick the diamonds in the rough (Visit http://www.imdb.com/lists/ to see what I mean).

Do I need to create a new account or can I use my old account? It doesn't seem to remember my old username.

Maybe their not lost after all, spotted an update on their new blog: http://deliciousengineering.blogspot.com/2011/09/firefox-ext...

(at the end..)

If you didn't pay attention and authorize them to move your data, I guess it's lost? :(

But seriously, I got like 5 of those.. how did you miss it?

In that same span of time, how many thousands of emails from other services you signed up for but don't particularly care about at the moment did you receive?

That's how you can miss something like that.

For some reason, every business in the world thinks it's important enough that I am going to be constantly monitoring it to make sure I'm still signed up, active, don't want all my stuff deleted, etc. But for the most part real people can go years at a time not caring about services like this, yet still have a reasonable expectation that their stuff will still be there when they go back.

As luck may have it, this interaction spurred me to check my Hotmail account again, because I used it as my backup email address for a few services several years ago and they have a nasty habit of deleting accounts for inactivity. Sure enough, all my email is gone. Evidently because it's been a few months since I logged in. Completely inexcusable, but at least I caught it before they deleted the account entirely.

Amazing that companies think this is acceptable behavior.

yeah, I see your point.. I usually quit services that send too many emails. Maybe I noticed the delicious email because they don't normally spam me.

I missed it - I don't even know which email account it went to. I didn't authorize them to move anything, but they seem to have moved it anyway.

I was really open to this - to new things and new features.. but then i started using it for the real day to day things that i already love delicious for.

Arghh! They seriously broke many key parts of the old functionality - things I really use and need.

Just praying this is just a launch-now-fix-later type deal.

like the good old times

  502 Bad Gateway
but with a new twist


Looks like back to Perl? or switched to CI/PHP?

Looking at their jobs page its probably been rewritten in Python: http://www.avos.com/jobs/

I switched to delicious from Google Bookmarks some time ago because I liked to keep things tidy with tag bundles, though I missed the full text search and delicious is sooo slow.

After the relaunch it looks like they are trying to position themselves to compete with pinterest et al, but they still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of UI and they are still soooo slow.

Anyway, using delicious as a private bookmark manager (which is what I was doing) doesn't seem to be a use case they have in mind for the future. Time to give pinboard a try, I guess. Maybe I'll learn to live with the tag cloud.

Its so funny. Through all of the stuff that has happened with delicious over the past year I've stuck there and been reasonably happy. Today though none of my plugins work. When I try to go to the ff plugin download page I get a 404, and I am just not liking the new site.

It seems like to me that the best thing they could have done is show some stability to people by being reliable and fixing some of the things that were already broken on the last site before they asked their userbase to take a leap like this.

I hope at least that, if this is actually beta as claimed, they monitor how this version fares, and if things go for the worst (ie. less users and content produced in the next month or trimester) they should have the humbleness to switch back to the old design and improve gradually on it..users made an investment in delicious during these years and Avos did the same, I don't think that anyone wants to lose anything, money or knowledge..

http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.html "Cool URIs don't change" and this should be applicable to del.icio.us too. The URI http://www.delicious.com/network/<username>; is now broken... not really a good start if you want to sell del.icio.us as a social platform for bookmarking.

Delicious is limited only to storing bookmarks and it would be better if it were made more comprehensive to cover the various sources of content that we access on a daily basis. Anybody here tried Zukmo as an alternative ? its a free cloud based tool to build your Personal Digital Library with bookmarks, documents, google docs, tweets, rss feeds, notes etc.

What a vast improvement! I've been using delicious for years, and as the UI has stagnated, the things that bugged me about it have stacked up. Everything I thought should be fixed, from where padding should be added to how tags should be delimited, and much, much more has made it into this redesign. Bravo, guys. Bravo.

They should (re-)re-brand it back to http://del.icio.us/

That won't help things. I'm not surprised with the way things have turned out. Chad hurley admitted in a nytimes interview that he hardly used the site. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/12/technology/youtube-founder...

.us domains are reportedly blocked in some countries. At least they should trim off "www." like before.

Seems like a fun revitalization of delicious, and these guys will have plenty of resources to experiment.

And my profile pic seems to have defaulted to a drawing of a badger? How is that a useful default?

I'm especially loving the way they deleted my entire account and everything I ever saved in it.

Sorry, but that's entirely your fault.

Even if you missed the "please allow AVOS to migrate your stuff" e-mail Yahoo! sent when Delicious was acquired, you could have easily grabbed a JSON dump of your bookmarks at any time in the past eight years.

Yeah, cos it can't possibly be that I replied to that in the affirmative and then I joined the mass ranks of users who just got dropped when this migration lost a huge pile of data en route.

not necessarily. i have multiple friends who authorized migration whose accounts disappeared. not just locked out, the delicious.com/USERNAME goes to an error page.

I'm not sure I follow.

You buy delicious and then rebuild it from scratch? Why buy it then in the first place?

What am I missing?

Plus the massive user base.

Kind of, because users had to explicitly opt-in in order to be migrated. I didn't, and I'm curious how many others followed the same path, either because they'd already migrated or just didn't care anymore.

The brand.

Users, links, the brand, the history, domain strength etc.

If you use Safari and Delicious you should know about http://delicioussafari.com/, it puts all your links organized by tags in the menubar. You can also add links very easily with ⌘Y.

Feels like this needs more work before we can see where they really wanted to go.

http://www.delicious.com/ and http://delicious.com/ are alive:(

Not sure, why these guys are missing basic thing....

While I understand the usual practice is to redirect one to the other, what is the reason they both can't be a valid address?

Having both schemes will lead to duplicate copies on search engines.

This is like the ABC of SEO, BUT there is a robots.txt that may keep those crawlers away..

http://www.delicious.com/robots.txt and http://delicious.com/robots.txt - same copy

Apart from SEO, it is also a bad practice. Think of multiple copies spread across many subdomains without any purpose

So, I can't post from my client any more, ifttt's connection to it also seems to be broken, the posting bookmarklet isn't doing autocomplete, and the forums have been washed away.

This isn't a great start, really.

initially psyched when i heard this news but hard to see where this is going so far with most of the previous greatness stripped out. even a url like http://delicious.com/stacks/figital would have previously been http://delicious.com/figital/stacks. maybe they've set this up for rapid/iterative development but my excitement will last for about another week.

http://delicious.com/figital/stacks would take you to everything you'd tagged as "stacks." I'm not sure there's a way around that without changing the tag urls to something like http://delicious.com/figital/tags/tagname

Does anybody have any technical details on what backend changes were made? Seems like a huge effort to migrate all that data.

Really curious what changed and how it changed on the backend side.

let's see.. my "tag" chrome extension stopped working.. so i installed whatever extensions was most popular (same one delicious uses in their demo video). that one overrode alt+d (which normally selects address bar text), and it just saves before giving me a chance to enter any tags. so now anytime i press alt+d to select text, it just saves that site to delicious w/out any tags. i really didn't need this. it was working great the way it was.

Redesign aside, I've had nothing but trouble trying to use the website and their browser plugins since they relaunched. I am not a happy camper.

I'm sorry to say this, but this may provoke another massive boost for http://pinboard.in

No. These guys locked me by borking forgot password:-D I can't export now

Sorry Delicious but Pinboard has my heart now.

I like the stacks feature. Looks like if they were after tumblr sharing market. I don't see myself using them, though.

They removed plenty inactive users, I got my fav username back :D and Yahoo ID has gone +1, that thing barely worked.

I just did a search for Kevin rose. Wtf? Where are all the old bookmarks??? They ruined it! There's only 3 results!

* Browser plugins broken

* Can't click on a tag and see other users who've saved the URL (which was a very useful feature)

* Amateurish layout

Mobile safari login fails silently. Arggh. Must look for alternatives.

The new Delicious is case in point why you should never write a codebase from the ground up.


It's unlikely that AVOS had a choice. Several months ago, the former product manager of Delicious wrote about a few options for its future (http://uniquehazards.tumblr.com/post/2377362882/we-can-save-...), and he included:

> But ultimately the real challenge here will be the technology. During my time at Delicious we rebuilt the entire infrastructure to deeply leverage a number of internal Yahoo technologies. It’s all great stuff but not exactly easy to remove or replace.

That's fair.

I guess my larger concern rewriting the codebase, is they lose a lot of learned assumptions from users.

For example, under the new delicious, if I click a tag in my tag cloud. And say it takes me to '/photos' and then I click another tag, 'house'. It doesn't take me to '/house', but '/photos/house' and the page isn't found.

I've probably done this 20x today and the behavior is so ingrained in me that I can't function with their new UX.

There are other nuances like this that make the new delicious extremely frustrating.

They appear to have broken Delicious Bookmarks for Firefox.

Syncing issue? I found you can workaround this by logging in to https://api.del.icio.us

popular links for tags are broken for the moment : http://delicious.com/popular/test

What's the difference between delicious and stumpupon now?

It's very good to see that delicious is getting improved again. I think that it'll will be the replacement of search engines in couple of years. It's chaotic enough to collect information from the web and strong enough to provide better ways of accessing information.

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