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Well-funded YC startup looking for seasoned devs. Great pay + perks + happiness
on Sept 27, 2011 | hide
We’re a VC-backed YC startup (not stealth, just haven’t announcing funding yet), and are looking for sharp, seasoned engineers who are fantastic to work with for the following roles:

- iOS Engineer

- Android Engineer

- Windows Engineer

- Rails Engineer

- and Generalists!

Our people wear multiple hats. We like hiring people who are dangerous in two or three areas, and very, very good (or can learn how to be) in multiple others. As a very early part of our team, you will also have direct input into many of the decisions that will decide the future of our product.

We believe in rapidly shipping product and taking pride in what we build. Personality is a big factor. We want to be around people that we can work well with, drink together, and just get along with - not assholes.

We also practice data-driven product design and engineering. It’s not for everyone, you need to have enough discipline to not get attached to ideas that don’t deliver measurable results.

We optimize for your happiness - we pay very well, have stellar benefits, emphasize a sane work-life balance as much as possible, and offer an equity stake. We’re based out of beautiful Mountain View, a prime startup hub in Silicon Valley. It also doesn’t matter where on the planet you’re located - if we want to hire you, we’ll pay to move you to the Bay Area.

What we also offer is a chance to see first-hand what working at a well-funded startup in the Bay Area is really like. If you’re of the entrepreneurial mindset, we will help you get your own company off the ground when the time comes.

build.something.youre.proud.of [at] gmail [dot] com

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