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Ask HN: What to include in a pitch deck for pre-revenue startup?
3 points by thescribbblr on Feb 19, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

1.What problem do you solve?

2.Market size analysis.

3.If the problem is important, market is large, why has nobody solved it? What’s the existing landscape? what’s your edge?

4.why now is the good time to solve it?

5.why you?(introduce the team)

What if we have no strong working background but we are passionate enough and we can solve the problem in the bestest way possible?

How can I write a genuine thing about the team. We are two person team for now

Then show your execution, demos, prototypes, user growth

Awesome I have covered all these things. Thank you.

Pre-Rev pitch = Team + Story


Tips to write about the team. We have no solid working background.

Hmmm talk up your skill sets

Person A = marketing / messaging guru. Focused on strategy

Person B = tech wiz. Ruby/C++ expert

Person C = front end / UI ninja.

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