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Thanks. I tried to get a list of domains from their nameservers but they seem to have blocked the usual ways to do this:

  $ dig @ns1.facebook.com facebook.com axfr

  ; <<>> DiG 9.3.6-APPLE-P2 <<>> @ns1.facebook.com facebook.com axfr
  ; (1 server found)
  ;; global options:  printcmd
  ; Transfer failed.

  $ host -l -t any facebook.com
  ; Transfer failed.
  Host facebook.com not found: 5(REFUSED)
  ; Transfer failed.

This would just do a zone transfer of facebook.com (plus delegations of sub-domains) not all zones on their nameserver. It is also normally deemed a security vulnerability to allow zone transfers to unauthorized clients, which is basically any client that isn't a secondary nameserver.

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