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Let me get this straight, this guy posts about how logging out of Facebook isn't enough, and how Facebook learning things about you that you don't want it to. The majority reaction is to adblock them and disallow them to do that to you.

But this isn't right. Go on Facebook and tell me how many of your friends wouldn't even know the first thing to do with one of these extensions. So now the computer literate people know how to protect their privacy, but what about everyone else?

Adblocking is a practical solution to something we see as a problem. Many people don't even think this is a problem and actively ignore people trying to educate them, so what do you propose the right thing to do here is?

> So now the computer literate people know how to do X, but what about everyone else?

This is only a problem that will get worse with time. Computer literacy is important to contemporary society.

Because the majority reaction to any HN post is a technical pissing contest you have to learn to ignore if you want to glean anything interesting from the thread. If you're not interested in that, or in showing-off your own geeky credentials, then you're mostly wasting your time participating in an HN "discussion".

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