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Ignoring full page replacements ('Showing results for "eggzactly that", to see results for "eggzackly that"...) I think this is all just punctuation related.

For instances, on the ["quotes don't give"] example, the first result I get is


If I do a find-in-page for "quotes don't give", I get zero results. Oh no! Perfidy!

... but, if you look more closely, you'll find this string waaaaay down at the bottom:

> tags: don-t-give-up, don-t-give-up-on-your-dreams, don-t-give-up-on-yourself, don-t-give-up-quotes, don-t-give-up-the-fight, encouragement, ...

Thanks to the wonders of tokenization, that "don-t-give-up-quotes, don-t-give-up-the-fight" gives you the string of tokens, "don t give up quotes don t give up the fight", which contains the exact phrase "quotes don t give", which is the tokenization of the phrase "quotes don't give".

Yes. And thank you for spotting.

Nice work! I too viewed source, but I did "give up" quickly.

That's actually from the visible text of the page -- well, desktop version as I saw it; when you click through on mobile they only show half as many quotes and you need to load more to find it.

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