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Even after deleting FB cookies, what prevents them from tracking you (with reasonably good accuracy) using your IP address. In that case, you might as well just blacklist all of facebook.com.

In my opinion, internet users must be aware that there is no easy way to be totally anonymous, whether it be Facebook, Google, etc. If you require complete anonymity, you might as well unplug your internet cable.

what prevents them from tracking you (with reasonably good accuracy) using your IP address

Dynamic IP addresses and use of the same IP address by multiple people.

All it takes is a couple of friends, acquaintances or others accessing using your home network and it'll confuse the hell out of the stats. And that's without going into IP ranges for universities, schools, offices large and small, and your local coffee shop.

Then add in IP address pooling by ISPs, where every time a user connects (or every week, month or year) they're issued a new IP, and you end up with an unclear situation.

I won't start on how cell/mobile phone networks further confuse the situation ;)


Or, indeed, using your combination of locale, useragent, etc. These are often unique. You can test yours here: http://panopticlick.eff.org/


you're partly right - the only resolution here would be to disable javascript, which makes a great part of panopticlick work (identifying installed fonts, etc.). however I think this kind of user recognition would be an overkill for a site with so many impressions like facebook - the computational effort to assign an account to each set of features must be huge (thou maybe sometime later ... when privacy laws get more restrictive).


It is indeed sort of disturbing that panopticlick gives me the message "Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 1,769,884 tested so far."


If you add any new plugins your print would be unique again compared to your previous settings, which would make you difficult to track. Stay unique, my friends.


Still possible, still possible. Of course, it all depends on how much they want to track you.


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