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If the flagging is intentional, I agree. But it is also ridiculously easy to accidentally flag an article in a mobile browser on a touchscreen device. I have to wonder how many illegitimate flags come in that way.

I've done that at least half a dozen times on my Desire. It would be nice if the "flag" button were off to the side, away from the other links, or if there were a dialogue to confirm your flagging. Or if there were an "unflag" button.

>It would be nice if . . . there were an "unflag" button.

Uh, there is: when you click on "flag" it turns into "unflag", and when you click on that, it turn back into "flag".

Oh, it does, too. I don't know how I couldn't have noticed that. I always curse not having that whenever I fat finger "flag".

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