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Hire remote employees that write well (and how to do it) (pulseasync.com)
11 points by anacleto on Feb 14, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

> You can then ask if they could show a random internal document that they worked on. This depends on the role. For example, an engineer might have an RFC, a product manager some reports or status updates on the team's progress, and a designer the outline of feature proposal.

> If the content includes sensible data you always ask them to strip-out references, names, or numbers.

That is going to be a non-starter for a lot of prospects. While yes, we can say that we are stripping out sensitive data this still feels sketchy.

I would just expand this form writing to communicating in general. Both written and verbal skills are important. Someone is just maybe more skillful with spoken words rather than written ones.

Remote work includes also a lot of meetings/calls.

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