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Heroku sees 33.8K FB apps go live in 24h after f8 Open Graph announcements (heroku.com)
41 points by adamseligman on Sept 23, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I created an app just to test the process with Heroku as I'm sure countless others did.

Does this include the (presumably) thousands of people who 'created' an app in order to get access to the Timeline feature, as explained on Techcrunch?

I would assume not since you don't need access to any form of web hosting to create an app on Facebook. You simply fill out a few fields and click submit.

This includes also my 10 proof-of-concept test apps. And I bet I'm not the only one.

Wonder how much hosting 30k free apps costs them?

It probably helps a lot that free apps are unloaded when idle, then reloaded on demand when someone is actually making a request. Ideally, the cost could approach the disk space of 30k small git repositories.


Of course, the vast majority of them will be test apps, but it's still an interesting metric of the interest in both platforms. Even if Heroku makes it super easy, creating an app still involves at least creating an account with them, installing their command-line stuff, etc.

How do they handle the mandatory SSL (from 1st Oct onward) for Facebook tabs?

The piggyback SSL addon ( http://addons.heroku.com/ssl ) is free.

Any good examples that is using the Open Graph rightly?

why is heroku the only PaaS option offered on facebook right now?

Let me warm up my spam-blocking finger so I won't injure myself.

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