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Payment processing for Django (github.com)
165 points by shabda 2190 days ago | hide | past | web | 19 comments | favorite

This looks like great work. Does anyone know:

  * Approximately how much work it would be to port this to another Python framework (e.g., Flask+WTForms) from Django?
  * If something like this already exists in Python in a more framework-agnostic form?

Hey, shameless self-promotion: https://github.com/abunsen/Paython

we are framework agnostic python library for payments & will hopefully be adding support for Braintree & Samurai in the next few weeks!

I'm sure that would be a great idea to take it as-is. Personally, I'd rather select what I would need in the utils and gateway respective modules and inspire myself from the models.

That'd be cool to create a small library wrapper around some Django Apps to be reusable in flask and other lightweight web framework.

There is python merchant (http://code.google.com/p/python-merchant/) and the implementations are similar, but provider support is nowhere near as complete.

See also:


Built as a Django shopping cart, but talks to Paypal, Auth.net, Braintree, Amazon, and Google Checkout

Thanks for releasing this just after I finish up a Django e-commerce project. ;)

Seriously though, looks like this will come in handy in the future.

This is much appreciated. Thank you for your efforts!

Any idea if this app will handle stripe in the near future?

After a lot of initial enthusiasm I don't hear any mention of stripe in payment threads any longer. I was thinking of using it but haven't yet had the time to dig in. If not, perhaps this app would be helpful to look at for implementation strategy?

Seems like it could use stripe fairly easily.

For Authorize.NET CIM support (not in merchant yet) see django-authorizenet: https://github.com/zen4ever/django-authorizenet.

One question -- does it work with Paypal Websites Standard?

I have been manually integrating with Paypal until now and it is painful; so thanks for this project.

This is indeed great!

This needs Dwolla.com support.

why don't you send a pull request then?

fork, code, commit, push, request pull

Touche! :)

Awesome. We will be adding Samurai in the near future, but aren't there yet. If anyone wants to contribute, drop me a line


Keep in mind that the Samurai Python client already has some Django integration.

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