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Comprehend Systems (YC W11) hiring frontend and backend engineers
on Sept 21, 2011 | hide
We're creating next-generation reporting and visualization tools which work across multiple, disparate datasources. Our first product, Comprehend Clinical, is specifically targeting clinical trial data. However, the technology is extremely flexible and will work on any data. Because it works across databases and schemas, we're basically writing the next generation of databases.

About you:

- You love computers and programming. You started programming as a hobby, and you still have that enthusiasm today.

- You will be joining a small team, we currently have 4 developers. You will be a big part of this team, and you'll help us shape this product.

- You will be engaging with customers and potential customers at trade shows and through customer support.

- You're comfortable learning new technologies, and have solid experience in either Java, C++, C, or C#.

About us:

- We offer significant equity, health and dental benefits, a gym membership, lunch and dinner, and you'll have the computer setup of your choice (*nix, osx, windows).

- We're targeting a huge opportunity, and are going to create a several billion dollar company.

- We're based in Palo Alto, one block from University Caltrain. We're willing to relocate you if necessary.

- We'll consider foreign H1B sponsorship.

Please send your resume to careers@comprehend.com, or check out our website at www.comprehend.com.

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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