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Here in India, Microsoft is famous only because the pirated version is freely available from anywhere, thorough anyone at anytime.That's the only reason why everybody uses it all the time.

Take away the free option, and the non industry consumers will just dump their OS. What is stopping Linux from ruling the Desktop market is a awesome UI.

Now, I decide to buy a netbook for browsing and light development. I can save upto 1500 rupees on the OS if I go in for a pre loaded freeDOS version. So this is what I have decided, to buy a good HP netbook which comes close to 15000 rupees. Install Ubuntu LTS version on it. Remain hassle free for the next two years. And spend the saved 1500 rupees on buying a good headphone to listen to music.

I don't see any reason why I must remotely feel the need to use Windows anymore. Unless ofcourse I need to work on a word document. Most of the times OpenOffice is sufficient, if it isn't I just walk upto the next DTP store around my place, pay the guy 20 bucks and get the work done in an hour.

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