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The first paragraph is just silly:

"After years of trying to cut off Linux growth as a desktop platform on x86 and x64 PCs, Microsoft may have actually figured out a way to stop Linux deployments on client PCs dead in their tracks."

I'm quite certain Microsoft has (A) not put any significant effort into cutting off growth as a desktop platform, and (B) If they had, they were almost completely successful, and characterizing it as "trying" implies that they had limited success.

Shhh, not so loud! Such thoughts would destabilize Slashdot if they got out!

Seriously, this seems especially short-sighted, as the perception is that MS is getting thrashed by Apple in the consumer market. I think its more about preventing malware from getting ahold of the boot process, side effects be damned.

I don't see this. Apple sells hardware; incidentally, it comes with its own OS. I haven't met many people who bought a Mac for MacOS since Windows XP.

As much as I don't like Apple/OS X, most of my friends do. Everyone got Mac _because_ of OS X. One got it because of low latency, and because he was "sure it won't hang up for a moment because of some background job". He uses it to make music. Others got it for its (OS X's) usability.

This is different from what I get from people I know, who comment on how great they look.

I beg to differ, Mac OS X is the only reason why people buy Macs. Take away the OS and they are just overpriced notebooks.

That's a chilling thing IMHO when we rely on a single corporation to protect us. As far as the /. like rhetoric, you're using the parent's opinion that MS hasn't been trying, and is indeed seeing a steady increasing competition in desktop screen space (which I've seen in two different Fortune 500 companies first hand within the last 6 years), so if that isn't true, then the rhetoric isn't just rhetoric.

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