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I designed mine from scratch with HTML + CSS and use http://code.google.com/p/wkhtmltopdf/ to render to PDF from there. Really handy. https://github.com/daeken/daeken.github.com/blob/master/CV.h... is clean and simple and gets turned into http://daeken.github.com/CV.pdf (which is woefully out of date at this point). Feel free to use it as a base.

I switched from LaTeX to reStructredText recently. While obviously not as powerful, it makes it much easier to edit. GitHub evens displays it semi-nicely for free.

https://github.com/charleso/resume http://cv.charleso.org/

I've often thought of doing the same. Are there any special flags you pass to wkhtmltopdf or is it pretty straightforward?

I don't believe I pass any flags at all, just pass the HTML and PDF filenames to it.

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