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I might as well take this opportunity to plug resume.rb (https://github.com/mwylde/resume.rb) which allows you to define your resume using a simple Ruby DSL and then render it to various outputs (currently supported are plain-text and PDF via LaTeX). Here's [0] an example ruby file which generates this [1] PDF.

[0] https://github.com/mwylde/resume.rb/blob/master/example/my_r... [1] https://github.com/mwylde/resume.rb/raw/master/example/my_re....

The support for plain text is important. When I applied for my current position, I sent a TeX generated PDF of my resume. When I arrived for my interview, what they had in hand was as if someone had OCRd it, done a "strings" on the result and then pulled it into Word - barely comprehensible and ugly as puke. Of course, I had brought lots of paper copies with me.

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