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Looks nice. To nit pick, I am a believer that, unless you are a recent college grad, your work experience should come first, before your education. Unless you are applying for a teaching job, or you otherwise want to purposefully highlight your educational achievements, I feel that a few years after graduation, what you did in school is mostly irrelevant.

I'm interested in hearing counter arguments.

I would say you're probably right about work experience being much more relevant. However, if you went to a very prestigious school, you might want to put it at the beginning for two reasons.

First, the education section takes up relatively little space, and a good school will quickly get the reader's interest.

Secondly, by the end of your work experience section, the reader has probably formed an opinion of you, and a good school won't do much to recover from a mediocre list of jobs.

Of course, none of this actually affects your qualifications for the job. However, HR people usually see things a bit differently than an engineer would...

I agree with you wrt software jobs, but overall it varies by field. The linked example is someone who is a Phd student, so I'd say it's pretty relevant to be at the top.

On the other hand, if you're a developer and still have your degree at the top of the page after 7-10 years, my gut-check-needle drops into danger zone and while I will read the work experience part, I do it with the knowledge that you think you've wasted all that valuable learning time. This is extra true for people from prestigious schools.

Please, do nit pick.

To answer why I do the opposite, I am (still!) working in France, and unfortunately academic achievement and diplomas are more rated than experience, when you are under 30 (which is my case).

When I do a resume that targets the USA, I usually remove the picture and invert those parts.

Two default styles are provided with moderncv. There are some good examples and instructions on this page - http://www.math.uic.edu/~hurder/math589/vita.html

I used moderncv. I like it pretty well. http://homonculus.net/static/jfb_resume.pdf

EDIT: Embarrassingly, I seem to have lost my bullets. Have to dig back in and find them.

The CurrVita package also has a documentation that's worth a read for everyone writing a resume, not just users of that package.

Wow! That is the first CV template I have ever seen that I don't hate and I spend quite a while looking for one. Thanks alot.

You have a spelling error there in the last section header - should be "leisure and hobbies"

It would seem I forgot to upload the new version, where I fixed that... Oops :D

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you man, I don't know where I'd be without VLC....

that pdf example is really good, something eyecatching and not like 90% of those standart cv's.

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