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We want to fit into the existing semantic web tech rather than reinvent it - there's a FAQ here which hopefully helps to clarify: https://blockprotocol.org/docs/faq

Kudos, this really feels like one of those ideas whose time has come. I'm tinkering on something very similar for longer than I care do admit, except I took on the daunting task of replacing RDF, and I'm sufficiently disillusioned by years of frontend work to base the UI off of TUIs and HyperCard.

One thing that I experienced as a huge hurdle for semantic web technology is the lack of browser APIs to actually work with RDF/JSON-LD/Semantic Web data. There's really no complete and straightforward way to transfer, store and query semantic data in the fronted. JSON-LD works around this by exposing the graph as a tree regular old JS can work with, but that looses a lot of the flexibility and power of the original graph model, e.g. path independence and proper queries.

I'll definitely keep an eye on how your ideas and solutions evolve!

Thank you!

If you have any learning from your own work you'd care to share, or thoughts on ours, please drop by the repo (https://github.com/blockprotocol/blockprotocol) or Discord (https://blockprotocol.org/discord)

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