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Nice Link!

We need more of these technical links on HN.

Back in the old days...

Yeah, like, back in the old days we had a link to an 8085 instruction reference card that got some attention. I think that was about four months ago... ;)

I dunno, I just did some random sampling of old HN frontpages on archive.org, and there's not much technical stuff--- mostly startup news.

yeah, way too many "LOOK AT MY COOL STARTUP!" posts these days lol

You've been on this website for less than two months. You do realize that this site used to be called "Startup News", right?

> You do realize that this site used to be called "Startup News", right?

Did it? I've been here for over 1300 days and I don't remember it ever being called Startup News.

I guess my memory isn't what it used to be:)

Actually, been around longer than that just finally made an account because there was something worth commenting on.

Keep down voting tho because of not liking the truth being said about how this site is turning more into what I stated previously, or better yet emo posts about how xyz startup is failing and the founders want to know why people don't like them

There is a downvote button?

There's a karma threshold before you can see the downvote arrow.

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