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Remembering Mark Weiser: Chief Technologist Xerox PARC (2000) [pdf] (roywant.com)
47 points by teleforce 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I always liked the concept of Calm Technology and wondered what he might have done with it if he'd had the opportunity. He was also the inventor of program slicing.

I recently posted some info and links about Mark Weiser to the HN discussion of "Calm Technology":

Calm Technology (calmtech.com)




>Mark Weiser was my friend and mentor at the University of Maryland, so I've posted some stuff about his work and life here in the past.

>As usual, I've checked and updated the broken links to archive.org. (One of my favorites is the 1995 Computer Chronicals video at the end with a profile of Mark's band, Severe Tire Damage, the first band to ever perform live over the internet, who upstaged the Rolling Stones over MBone, using up half the bandwidth of the internet on Friday, November 18, 1994!)

[...much more at the article I linked to, and in the HN discussion of Calm Technology...]

Also some recent comments I wrote about the term "Pervasive Technology":


I've also mentioned his work with Chris Torek on the Maryland Window System, which was based on Gosling's Emacs display driver:


And only yesterday there was an HN discussion about the Mesa Programming Language:

Xerox PARC Mesa Programming Language 5.0 (1979) [pdf] (bitsavers.org)



I posted to that about his work on PCR (Portable Common Runtime, for porting Cedar apps to Unix) and conservative garbage collection, and linked to an HN discussion of a video demo of Cedar and Tioga running on Unix with PCR:


Demonstration of the Xerox PARC Cedar integrated environment (2019) [video] (youtube.com)



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