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- Block most social media, including Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube (!). I can always unblock them if I need to, but having them be "default blocked" means I'm more intentional about when and how I use them.

- Do one hour of exercise a day, preferably in the morning. Even if it's a light morning walk. I find it sets a healthy tone for the rest of the day.

- Actively reach out to friends and family. Even if it's small updates about my day.

- Create something every day. For me it's my blog, and I haven't been at it for long, but it's been powerful for clarifying what I'm thinking about and why. Part of the appeal that each post is low-commitment, i.e. it's not a multi-day saga, so I can be playful with it, e.g. https://arunkprasad.com/log/how-does-ssh-work/

I bookmarked your blog so I can read it in free time (I am going to start by reading how SSH works!). Keep up the good work.

Thank you! Happy to have a reader. The topics meander a bit (as they should, since it's a personal blog), but I hope you find something you enjoy.

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