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A quick history of digital communication before the internet (2017) (eager.io)
38 points by headalgorithm 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

This seems heavily Anglophone centric.

A notable omission is reference to French inventor Claude Chappe, who in 1792 demonstrated a free space optical communication system.

It was the first practical telecommunications system of the industrial age, that eventually spanned all of France, until replaced with electric telegraph in 1850s.

System which was a very early communication hack target


Sorry for the lack of English wiki article, basically two brothers bribed an operator to embed financial information as typos in telecommunications so they could be ahead of other investors

Nice summation of a much deeper subject than can be properly documented in such a short article.

I noticed right away that the J.H. Bunnell & Co. image of "THE MORSE TELEGRAPH ALPHABET" is markedly different from standard Morse code. The article does not mention anything about the evolution of Morse code itself.

Yes, that's the difference between American morse vs International morse.

see http://www.jhbunnell.com/morsecode.shtml

I did not know that digital goes so many years back.i would have never used this term for something that predates early electronic computers.

I would have called some of that stuff electronic, not digital. (Like the telegraph.) TIL why the Pony Express lasted for such a short time. I always thought that something so baked in Americana lasting barely a year was sort of funny.

It cut transcontinental mail and news delivery from months to days. Regardless of its longevity it revolutionized American communications the the point that investing in the telegraph became a no-brainer.

A business startup changing the paradigm despite not being a long-term viable operation is a long tradition.

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