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Domino's Pizza Job Website URL Mispelled
4 points by all2 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
I was ordering pizza from Domino's this evening and noticed in the shopping cart area a little segment saying

    Hiring Delivery Experts at jobs.domnos.com Earn up to $30 per hour
Weird, I thought, that looks like a mispelling. So I copied and pasted the URL. Let's see where this goes...

My browser went through two redirects. UBlock origin picked up on both of them. I was curious (and lots of sites have trackers enabled on their funnel entrances), so I allowed both redirects.

The page I landed on wanted to install a "Browser Safety Extension" which looked very similar to some CDN portals and to Gitlab's browser safety check. The ask to install caught me off guard, so I closed the tab.

On trying to repeat the above I landed at the "parked page" of crappy links and keywords one typically sees.

So, yeah, someone goofed and there's a mispelled URL on the Domino's pizza checkout sidebar.


You can go through the process yourself, to see if the mispelling shows up for you: https://www.dominos.com/en/pages/order/#!/checkout/

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